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Thank You Cuban

On behalf of all Nets fans I would like to say, thank you Mark Cuban.  Thank You for sending us Devin Harris in exchange for an aging point guard 10 years his senior.  Thank You for freeing up our cap space for that oh so crucial 2010 free agent market.  And thank you for giving us two first round picks.

I'll admit it, I loved Jason Kidd when he was with the Nets.  Even though he made it very clear he didn't want to be here last year, I didn't want to see him go.  Devin George became one of my favorite players when he used his Bird rights and blocked the initial trade last year.  I knew that once Kidd was gone it would truly be the end of an era.

Now I can't be happier.  As was clearly evident by the game on Friday night, the Nets didn't only get the better end of the deal, they pulled off one of the biggest heists ever.  Harris has already scored 30 or more points 8 times this season (including his 41 point performance over his former team on Friday Night), something he had not done once while in Dallas.  He couldn't be a playmaker in Dallas.  They have Dirk, Howard, Terry, too many players who have to get the ball first.

In New Jersey, the offense is his.  He can be the play maker in this offense.  With the departure of Richard Jefferson to Milwaukee, the only other true scorer on the Nets is Vince Carter and there is plenty of room for them both as was evident against the Mavericks on Friday Night when Harris scored 41 and Carter added 34 of his own.

So Once again thank you Mark Cuban.  You made the trade that I never wanted to see happen.  You took our teams savior and gave us our future.  Harris looks to be on his way to be the best scoring point guard in the league.  We have Dallas's first round pick in 2010 and we have cap room for the free agent class of 2010 (Lebron, Wade, Bosh, etc).  Thank you Mark Cuban for taking the best player to ever wear a Nets Jersey and giving us a great talent that your team never fully utilized.  Thank You for giving us the building block, and the cap room to be a great team in the future and who knows, the future looks like its beginning this year.

Matt Nashban