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From Russia With Love???

By Siwale Chabala

I have always been a lover of old, classic flicks. When I was younger, I loved the James Bond
movies. Goldfinger, Live and Let Die, The Man With The Golden Gun, the list goes on and on. My favorite James Bond actor has to be Roger Moore, everybody has a favorite actor of the character. Mr. Moore was my favorite because the first James Bond movie I saw was Live and Let Die so its kind of Ironic that I am using "From Russia With Love" as the title for this blog. I haven't even watched the whole movie lol. As long time Bond watchers will tell you, some of these movies are long.

Both men and women love the James Bond movies. Guys love the fact that Bond can have any women he wants, also has a whole lot of money, funded by by his super spy agency a license to kill, cars and did I mention a whole lot of women????? Women are attracted to James Bond, because he is a goodlooking man, he has money, power, dangerous and did I say a whole lot of money, (none of which is his).

Anyway I used the James Bond character as an analogy, comparing him to the new owner of the New Jersey Nets (if everything goes as planned) Mikhail Prokhorov. He has purchased majority ownership from the current owner of the Nets, Bruce Ratner. Ratner will be majority owner of the arena, that might lead the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn. Mr. Prokhorov is the richest man in Russia, worth around 9.5 billion dollars. He is one of the owners of Russia's most powerful basketball franchise CSKA Moscow. He is around 6'6 and used to play basketball in his school days and is quote on quote " A playboy who enjoys a gorgeous entourage".

If the deal goes through, Mikhail Prokhorov can be the savior of a franchise that's been looking for one for a long time and with the trade of Vince Carter, they need a face for the team until a star free-agent signs with the team, are you listening Lebron? Wade? Bosh?? Mikhail can be the burst of energy and intrigue the Nets would need to bring the fans to brooklyn, I mean New Jersey to watch some home games. He also has the money to throw at the free-agents in 2010 and beyond. Imagine Mr. Prokhorov coming in the IZOD Arena with 2 or 3 women under each arm and introducing himself like James Bond would, with his last name first and then he's first and last name. The name is Prokhorov, Mikhail Prohorov. Now that would be fun to watch.