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The Misunderstood Vince Carter

By Adam Orecchio
I was flipping through the local radio waves the other day and stumbled upon a heated discussion between one of the Tri-State’s local shock-jocks and a rabid Minnesota Vikings Fan over the merits and achievements of a guy by the name of Adrian Peterson.
The discussion centered around whether or not said player was “overrated” or not. Now, by any stretch, this is one of the top two running backs in the league. So far throughout his short career, he has been about as productive as ANY running back over the past decade. Yet based on his performance towards the end of the 2009 regular season, our radio host was claiming that Adrian Peterson was, indeed, “overrated.”
So my question is this. How did this whole “overrated” or “underrated” thing come about? And does it really matter? And if a player is said to be “underrated,” what are we exactly rating him against? For instance, if I claim that Giants running back Brandon Jacobs is a much better runner than Adrian Peterson, then I would be underrating Adrian Peterson. But, if I were to say Adrian Peterson is twice the runner Jim Brown was in his prime, then in that sense I am overrating AP (and showing everyone how retarded I am in the process.)
Which brings us to one of the most controversial athletes in recent memory (through no fault of his own): none other than former Net Vince Carter. When you look at the way poor Vince Carter’s career has played out; from the draft day trade to that stellar rookie season, followed by a legendary dunk contest and some completely unrealistic expectations, Vince Carter has become a guy who fans never could take to and a guy who is constantly slapped with the “overrated” tag despite putting up some of the most consistently stellar statistics in the league the last decade.
Since the ‘99-‘00 season, this is a player who has complied a 20+ point, 5 plus rebound and 4+ assist average. For a DECADE he has done this and still can’t shake the stigma for whatever reason.
One look at the Nets of this year will tell you all you need to know about Vince Carter. Just take a look at the way Devin Harris’s production has fallen off without VC to take some pressure off of him. Take a glance at how discombobulated (to steal one of Walt Frasier’s classic phrases) the Nets half court sets look without running the offense through Vince. And most importantly, sneak a peak at the win total of the team compared to last year at this point.
What does it all mean? I’m not really sure. As I said before I hate throwing words like “underrated” or “overrated” around. But if the Orlando Magic get over the hump this season and win a title, would that shake VC of the dreaded stigma he is stuck in with the NBA fanbase? It very well may. But as it stands now, Vince Carter just might be the most underrated player in the league.