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Immortality is a Good Thing...Right??

No publicity is bad publicity; or so they say, right?

The Nets are a national story again. We see them on syndicated highlight extravaganzas. We talk about them on sports radio. We read about them in print. Heck, you are reading about them right now and chances are, if you are a fan, this isn't the first New Jersey Net-related article you've checked out today.

As you all know by now, the 2010 New Jersey Nets are chasing history. Immortality. Bizarro greatness. This young squad has a chance to do something that has never been done in the history of the league. And by all accounts' and as dirty as this feels to even write; I, along with many of my fellow Net fans, want to witness it.

Would it be better to wallow in mediocrity without a real shot at a title for the next five years? Would it be better to be playoff team that can only go so far and lacks the resources or the young talent to be a champion? Would it be better to be, say, the Toronto Raptors or the Utah Jazz?

As of today the Nets are 4-46. They are 28 1/2 games out of first place in the Atlantic Division. They have had three separate ten game losing streaks and may be in the midst of a fourth. With a coach that does not want to be on the sidelines and squad lacking even one all-star reserve; The Swamps lovable cast of losers have managed to fall a whopping 20 games off the playoff radar; and we haven't even seen the dunk contest yet. It's not even Valentines Day and New Jersey cannot finish the season at .500 even by winning out.

Epic futility. But INTERESTING epic futility nonetheless. Is it better to be historically bad or completely irrelevant? New Jersey may be awful, but at least they are intriguing, right? RIGHT?

8-74, here we come!